Monthly Archives: August 2022

Valve’s next-gen Steam Deck is already in the works

[ad_1] The Steam Deck is an undeniable hit, almost single-handedly legitimizing the niche of portable console-style gaming PCs. (But don’t try to single-hand the Steam Deck, it’s pretty chunky.) Valve has been selling every single one it can make, and even with expanded manufacturing capacity, pre-orders are stretching out for months. Now an official publication […]

Why left-hand keypads are the weird WASD peripheral every PC gamer needs

[ad_1] I started playing modern PC games in 2008, after building my own desktop for the first time. But after spending pretty much my entire life on consoles, the idea of switching to keyboard and mouse controls was intimidating — moving a character without an analog stick or D-pad? Preposterous! Thankfully, the exploding market for […]

Best VPN services: Top picks for speed, price, privacy, and more

[ad_1] A virtual private network (VPN) service can help you safeguard your identity, location, and activities online. When looking for a VPN you’ll want to consider your options carefully. For instance, a VPN should keep your internet usage private and secure but not at the expense of too speed. If anonymity is a concern, you […]

Best laptops under $500: Best overall, best OLED laptop, and more

[ad_1] With laptops under $500 you will most likely need to make compromises. So it’s important to be smart about your shopping. However, believe it or not, there are some advantages to less-expensive laptops—their low-powered processors mean you can expect good battery life and Chromebooks are often less vulnerable to malware. Within this budget range, […]
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